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Shenzhou High speed Railway: Smart operation and maintenance of rail transit to escort transportation power and build a world-class transportation enterprise

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2019-09-24 11:32

On September 19th, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Outline for the Construction of a Strong Transportation Country" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"), which aims to comprehensively build a transportation country that is satisfactory to the people, with strong guarantees, and at the forefront of the world by the middle of this century. The Outline proposes to promote the transformation of transportation development from pursuing speed and scale to paying more attention to quality and efficiency, from relatively independent development of various transportation modes to more emphasis on integrated and integrated development, and from relying on traditional elements to paying more attention to innovation. This is not only the guiding ideology for promoting the construction of a strong transportation country, but also points out the direction for the construction of world-class transportation enterprises.
Under the opportunity of the industry, Shenzhou High Speed Railway (00000 8. SZ), a subsidiary of State Development and Investment Corporation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SDIC Group"), a state-owned enterprise holding subsidiary, is expected to continue to improve its profitability, provide customers with intelligent rail transit operation and maintenance equipment systems and professional services for operation and maintenance of the whole industry chain, and become a comprehensive rail transit service provider with core competitiveness.
Specialization+intelligence, a technological leader in ensuring rail transit safety
Traffic safety guarantee is one of the core contents of the Outline, which proposes to "strengthen the maintenance of transportation infrastructure, strengthen the monitoring and testing of infrastructure operation, improve the professionalism and informatization level of maintenance, enhance the durability and reliability of facilities, strengthen the quality management of transportation vehicles, and ensure the safety of transportation equipment." In recent years, Shenzhou High Speed Railway has continued to make efforts to strengthen its advantages and fill its shortcomings, and create the first brand of China's rail transit operation and maintenance.
Shenzhou High Speed Railway is one of the earliest enterprises in China to enter the field of rail transit operation and maintenance. Multiple subsidiaries of the company have a development history of about 20 years, and have already formed a competitive advantage of "safety inspection operation and maintenance systematic platform+leading core equipment technology". Specialized brands have high market influence. Since the completion of restructuring in 2015, the company has undergone four years of transformation and reserves, further highlighting advantages in maintenance concepts, intelligent operation and maintenance systems, overall industry chain layout, and business cooperation mechanisms.
In 2018, the company formulated a development strategy centered on building an intelligent operation, maintenance and repair equipment system for rail transit. The equipment that continuously upgrades the equipment system according to industry development trends and customer needs is an important foundation for the company to upgrade to an intelligent operation, maintenance and service provider for the entire line. Regarding transportation equipment, the "Outline" proposes the requirements for promoting equipment technology upgrading, and specifically points out the promotion and application of intelligent detection, monitoring, and operation and maintenance technologies for transportation equipment. This is in line with the company's recent efforts to help the railway company/urban rail transit owners ensure operational safety, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency.
The company stated that on the one hand, they have intelligently upgraded existing traditional detection, monitoring, and operation and maintenance equipment, and developed new intelligent operation and maintenance equipment, helping homeowners improve their intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities through sales to them; On the other hand, the company undertakes the operation and maintenance of rail transit lines through investment and other channels, and uses intelligent equipment to provide monitoring and testing services for owners.
The deep integration of Big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies with the transportation industry has always been a hot spot in the industry, which is also highlighted in the Outline this time. And Shenzhou

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