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Huagao Century Launches Online Vocational and Technical Improvement Training

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2020-09-04 13:14

In order to further improve the comprehensive professional quality and skill level of employees, stabilize production and promote development, the subsidiary Huagao Century has recently actively responded to the call of the notice of Beijing on implementing the "Internet plus Vocational Skills Training Plan", explored and promoted online vocational skills training, and built a new enterprise training model of "platform+micro class".

On July 20, 2020, Huagao Century officially launched online vocational skills training for all employees based on the "Beijing Vocational Skills Improvement Action Management Platform". One is to benchmark the national vocational skills standards and introduce Beijing certified vocational literacy and professional knowledge on-demand courses. The other is to teach according to people and needs, guiding various departments to use the video conferencing, online live streaming and other functions of software such as WeChat Litchi and Tencent Conference to carry out characteristic micro course teaching, meeting the different skill needs of various students. The third is to play its role and ensure the effectiveness of training. The human resources department actively connects with the lecturer, actively intervenes in online training, conducts multiple trial lectures before class, continuously helps the lecturer improve the course, participates in timely follow-up throughout the teaching period, and strengthens supervision and guidance.

At present, the company has organized 204 employees to learn vocational skills online, and each employee is able to complete their daily learning plan with quality and quantity. Participants can learn independently on their mobile phones and computers, avoiding the risk of cross infection caused by offline centralized training. In the future, Huagao Century will continue to do a good job in enterprise characteristic vocational skills training, improve employee skill levels, and provide strong guarantees for stable production and operation of the enterprise and achieving high-quality development.

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