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Shenzhou High speed Railway Helps Ayaksayi Village, Lop County, Xinjiang

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2020-05-27 15:53

In order to actively respond to the general mobilization order issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to fight a decisive battle against poverty, and in accordance with the work deployment of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Beijing Municipal Government to organize social forces to help supervise the war, Shenzhou High speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd. recently reached a partnership assistance agreement with Ayaksayi Village, Charbage Township, Lop County, Xinjiang, to actively implement corporate social responsibility and help the local people win the battle against poverty, Achieve poverty alleviation and removal as scheduled.
In the process of paired assistance, Shenzhou High Speed Railway will leverage the unique advantages of enterprises in resources, technology, intelligence, platforms, and other aspects. Combined with the actual needs of poverty alleviation in Ayaksai Village, it will focus on the "two no worries and three guarantees", employment poverty alleviation, vulnerable groups, consumption poverty alleviation, intellectual support, and weak links in people's livelihood, and play a supportive role in carrying out precise assistance to assist assisted villages in filling their weaknesses and strengths, Effectively benefiting impoverished villagers, making the effectiveness of assistance visible, tangible, and sustainable.
To this end, the company will invest 100000 yuan in assistance funds to assist in the development and construction of public welfare job projects in Ayaksai Village, providing 20 employment opportunities for local impoverished households, and utilizing the existing market advantages of the enterprise to help the village sell rural goods. In order to achieve effective assistance, the company will establish a regular contact mechanism and work coordination mechanism with the assisted villages, coordinate with the first secretary, resident work team, village secretary or village director of the assisted villages, and promptly communicate, coordinate and solve relevant problems to ensure the smooth progress of assistance work; At the same time, strengthen the connection with the team of temporary cadres in Lop County, timely communicate the situation, and promote the implementation of assistance projects.

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