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Shenzhou High speed Railway and Beijing Bus Group jointly established Beijing Bus Urban Rail Technology Co., Ltd

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2020-05-27 15:49

On April 16, Beijing Bus Urban Rail Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Shenzhou High Speed Rail Operation Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhou High Speed Rail, and Beijing Bus Tram Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Bus Group, was officially inaugurated in Beijing. Zhong Yan, president of Shenzhou High Speed Rail, and Yan Zhe, general manager of Beijing Bus Tram, attended the establishment ceremony and inaugurated the joint venture. The establishment of the joint venture will promote the Shenzhou High speed Railway and Beijing Bus Group to give full play to their complementary and collaborative advantages, and based on the tram and road public transport market, carry out in-depth cooperation in intelligent maintenance equipment, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations services, operation consulting, talent training, non ticket development and other fields.


Zhong Yan, President of Shenzhou High speed Railway (third from the front right), and Yan Zhe, General Manager of Beijing Bus Tram (third from the front left) unveiled the joint venture

Yan Zhe said that Beijing Bus Urban Rail Technology Co., Ltd. is a mixed transformation pilot and transformation pilot enterprise of Beijing Public Transport Group. The Group attaches great importance to the establishment and business development of the joint venture, and will spare no effort to match resources for the company, support the company to quickly establish demonstration projects, take tram technical products, operation and maintenance, design consulting, education and training as its main business, and build the joint venture into a talent An export-oriented leading enterprise of technology and industry standards, based in Beijing and rooted in Beijing, will gradually radiate to North China and the whole country, and follow the national "the Belt and Road" strategy to go abroad and go global.
Zhong Yan stated that after years of industrial accumulation and strategic investment, the strategic transformation of Shenzhou High Speed Railway to intelligent operation and maintenance services for the entire line has been initially successful, and has achieved performance breakthroughs in different standard rail transit markets such as high-speed rail, freight railway, subway, and municipal railway. This combination of strength and strength will help Shenzhou High speed Railway to further develop the operation and maintenance business of trams. With rich industry experience, especially the Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations capability of the whole line formed based on intelligent technology products, Shenzhou High speed Railway will continue to empower the public transit city rail company from three aspects of capital, technology and talent, with the West Suburb Line and Yizhuang Line as the pilot, and both parties will work together to create a safe and high-quality, high-quality, cost saving demonstration line, And through continuous improvement and perfection, precipitation and accumulation, the core competitiveness of tram Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations will be formed, and the strategic goal of serving Beijing, radiating the whole country and going global jointly set by both parties will be gradually realized.  


Zhong Yan (first from left in front) and Yan Zhe (second from left in front) learned about the application of the intelligent protection system at the Shenzhou high-speed railway tram crossing on the Western Suburb Line on site

The Planning Outline for a Transport Power attaches great importance to the quality and efficiency of public transport services, which has brought broad development space for the market after the operation and maintenance of trams, and also brought huge market opportunities for Beijing Bus Urban Rail Company. As of the end of 2019, 16 cities in China have opened and operated 30 tram lines, with a total operating mileage of 417 kilometers; 19 cities, 28 tram lines under construction, with a total mileage of 491.37 kilometers; A total of 90 cities are planning and preparing modern tram lines, including 17 in Beijing, with a total mileage of 352.63 kilometers. Based on domestic and foreign project experience, it is estimated that the planned tram market in various cities can reach a scale of tens of billions of yuan annually after completion of construction and operation networking.

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