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Huagao Century employees receive customer praise letters for their high-quality service

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2020-02-29 01:23

On February 28, 2020, the Technology Department of Beijing Subway Operation Third Branch and the Maintenance Center of Line 9 of Beijing Subway Operation Second Branch respectively sent the Company a Letter of Praise and a Letter of Commendation, thanking the Company for its contributions during the epidemic; Give recognition to the company for providing high-quality technology and after-sales service.
The commendation letter pointed out that during the epidemic, the company's technical personnel and after-sales service personnel provided promotional videos and voice messages for the on-board PIS system, and debugged and optimized them to the best state, ensuring the faultless operation of the PIS system during the epidemic. They supported and cooperated with the customer's epidemic prevention and control propaganda work with practical actions.


Figure 1 Recognition Letter

Figure 2 Commendation Letter


Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the company has emerged a group of outstanding teams who shoulder the heavy responsibility, take the lead, and have the courage to contribute. The frontline employees of the engineering department are based on their own duties and face difficulties, bravely becoming "rebels" on the battlefield without gunpowder, fighting day and night on the front line of fighting against the epidemic. They are not afraid of risks, stick to their positions, and respond in a timely manner. They declare war on the epidemic with the most beautiful "retrograde" approach, gain recognition from customers with their professionalism and service, and interpret the spirit of Huagao people's concern for customers with their actions.
In order to encourage the advanced and inspire the morale, the company has decided to commend the advanced collectives and exemplary individual who performed outstanding work during the epidemic.


Figure 3 was taken at 00:12, 2020.1.23, Qingdao Metro Line 3


Starting from the early morning of January 23rd, the Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued the first notice. A total of 70 people from the engineering department were on site to provide after-sales service to ensure the smooth flow of public transportation.


Figure 4 was taken at 00:42 am on January 24, 2021 at Jinan Depot


During the epidemic, 48 people from the Engineering Department were on the scene of Multiple unit Harmony and Fuxing to provide after-sales support services for the safety system and broadcast system to ensure the normal operation of vehicles.


Figure 5 was taken in Yinghai Depot of Beijing Subway Line 8 at 23:12 on October 23, 2020


During the epidemic, employees in the engineering department silently adhered to their positions, fearless of the epidemic, and only wanted to protect everyone's every safe trip.


Figure 6 was taken at 11:12 on October 23, 2020 on Beijing Subway Line 8


During the epidemic, 22 people from the engineering department carried out daily maintenance and troubleshooting on urban rail transit to ensure the normal operation of subway vehicles.




In addition to on-site personnel on duty, 12 other employees from the engineering department provide remote technical support on site, provide appropriate logistical support, and collect and distribute protective materials.

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