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Huagao Century was awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier of the Year" of Qingdao Metro

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2020-02-27 15:19

On January 14, 2020, the Third Maintenance Workshop of Qingdao Metro Vehicle Department held the annual supplier summary and Spring Festival transportation guarantee conference. Huagao Century stands out among numerous suppliers and has been awarded the Outstanding Supplier of the Year (with only 4 suppliers receiving this honor).

 Chen Lei, Deputy Manager of Overhaul Workshop 3 of the Operation Branch of Qingdao Metro Group Co., Ltd., presented the award (middle) to Liu Fangxiao, the regional director of Huagao Century Engineering Department in Qingdao, on behalf of the company (first from the left)


Qingdao Metro Line 3 was officially opened in 2015, which is the first subway line completed and operated in Shandong Province. To address the issue of emergency support for users, the company has established an after-sales service station in Qingdao, equipped with professional after-sales service and technical personnel. This measure effectively ensures the smooth and safe operation of Qingdao Line 3.

Qingdao Metro Line 3

The Huagao Century team is well aware that the engineering department personnel who shoulder the heavy responsibility of safety, market, research and development, operation and long-term struggle in the front line work together, work hard and diligently, respond to customers' requests and respond at the first time, providing timely and effective guarantee for the company's after-sales maintenance work in Qingdao Metro. In 2019, the After sales Service Station of the Engineering Department in Qingdao Metro District completed the rectification of 220 trains of Qingdao Metro Line 3, ensuring that the vehicles left on time in 347 days without delay. The Huagao Century team has gained recognition from customers through its professionalism and service, and has demonstrated the corporate spirit of Huagao people's attention to customers through their actions.
In future work, Huagao Century will continue to maintain a rigorous work style and down-to-earth work attitude, provide high-quality products and services to customers, and contribute to the smooth operation of users' products.


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