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The company has completed the supply of the first train of Jingxiong Multiple unit project

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2019-12-30 11:42

Recently, the latest product developed by the company - "350km/h Jingxiong Intelligent Multiple unit Onboard Safety Monitoring System" was sent to CRRC Qingdao Sifang, successfully completing the first train supply of the Jingxiong Multiple unit project.
The on-board safety monitoring system of Multiple unit is used to monitor the axle temperature, instability, stability, vibration and other indicators related to train safety of the Multiple unit bogie, providing an important basis for the driver to monitor the situation of the train bogie. The Multiple unit on-board safety monitoring system developed this time is specially designed for Jingxiong intelligent Multiple unit. It is further upgraded on the basis of the original Fuxing standard Multiple unit's four systems of axle temperature, instability, stability and vibration, and the product is more integrated. The project of Jingxiong Multiple unit on-board safety monitoring system is jointly undertaken by the company, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing Zongheng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. and other units. Among them, Huagao Century is responsible for the product development of three sub module systems, namely, axle temperature, instability and stability.
The company is one of the earliest enterprises in China to domesticate high-speed rail electrical equipment. The company has successfully completed the localization of CRH2 Multiple unit passenger information system and distance detection device, and the products are widely used in CRH2 Multiple unit. Stable R&D output ensures the continuous growth of the company's business performance.

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