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Huagao Century Holds the 2019 Fun Games

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2019-05-24 11:35

To enrich employees' leisure cultural life and enhance team cohesion, on May 24th, the 2019 Fun Sports Games of Beijing Huagao Century Technology Co., Ltd. kicked off in the electronic city of Chaoyang District.
Six teams, consisting of the company's R&D center, operations center, and other functional departments, competed fiercely for the honor, including the "Beyond Self Team", "Innovation Team", "Help Take Off Team", "Weifeng Team", "Happy Unlimited Team", and "Leap Up Power Team".
On a sunny day in early summer and a different kind of good weather, Huagao employees dressed in unified cultural shirts walked out with strong steps, and the atmosphere at the event was lively and orderly. All employees of the company actively participated in this sports meeting, demonstrating the good mental outlook of all Huagao employees.



Group warm-up exercises at the opening ceremony of the sports meet


The theme of this fun sports meet is "Cohesion and Speed Forward". The competition is divided into team events and individual events. The team events include super obstacle, pony sprint, caterpillar race, live table football, and tug of war; Personal events include accurate sandbag throwing, targeted shooting, snares, jump balls, etc. Each competition event is not only a test of everyone's physical strength, but also a exercise of team collaboration ability.



Team Project - Pony Run



Team Project - Caterpillar Racing



Team Project - Live Table Football


If the athletes fighting on the sports field are shining stars with dazzling light, then the cheering enthusiasts on the sidelines of the field are the vast sky, allowing the light of the stars to bloom.
The elite soldiers who have honed their work style in the workplace on a regular basis have transformed into agile contestants on this day. They are unstoppable like the explosion of a small universe, striving to take the lead, and the activity results far exceed expectations.



Team event - tug of war competition


Good times are always short, and the 2019 Huagao Fun Sports Games came to a successful end in a joyful atmosphere. Finally, everyone took a group photo to commemorate this precious memory and carefully collected it. With the cohesion of all employees, I believe that the future of Huagao Century will be even more exciting!



Group photo of Huagao University of Technology

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