A company focused on the field of rail transit vehicle electronic information systems

Subsidiary Huagao Century was awarded as one of the top 20 high-tech and high growth enterprises in Chaoyang District, Beijing

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2019-11-13 11:32

On November 13th, the award ceremony for the "2019 Beijing Chaoyang High tech Growth Top 20 and Chaoyang Tomorrow Star Selection Project" jointly organized by the Chaoyang Park Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park and Deloitte China was held in Beijing. Beijing Huagao Century Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhou High Speed Railway, relied on its strong technical strength, innovative products and services in the field of on-board electronic information in rail transit, And with outstanding performance of rapid growth for three consecutive years, it has stood out from over a hundred enterprises and was selected as one of the "Top 20 High tech High Growth Companies in Chaoyang District, Beijing in 2019".



Image: Liu Wei, General Manager of Huagao Century (third from the right in the back row), represents the company to receive the award and takes a group photo with Li Changping, a member of the Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Chaoyang District, Beijing (middle from the front row) and representatives of other top 20 companies


The Top 50 High tech High Growth Enterprises Selection is one of the global top growth enterprise selection series events hosted by Deloitte. It originated in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1995 and is held annually in more than 30 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Australia. In 2005, the selection event first entered China. The Chaoyang High tech High Growth Top 20 Selection Project is a sub project of the China High tech High Growth Top 50 series selection, aiming to discover and commend excellent enterprises with high-speed growth and continuous innovation in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Li Changping, Deputy District Mayor of Chaoyang District, Beijing, stated that the selected enterprises will enjoy value-added services in areas such as listing audit, tax planning, and financing consulting, and will also enjoy relevant preferential policies in Chaoyang District according to the situation.
Huagao Century is one of the earliest enterprises in China to domesticate high-speed railway electrical equipment. The company successfully completed the localization task of CRH2 Multiple unit passenger information system and distance detection device, and jointly undertook the project of Jingxiong Multiple unit on-board safety monitoring system with other units, responsible for the product development of three sub module systems, including axle temperature, instability and stability. Stable R&D output ensures the continuous growth of the company's business performance.
The selection of Chaoyang High tech High Growth Top 20 reflects the recognition of China High Century's technological strength, innovation ability, and high-speed growth by society and the industry. It will be beneficial for enterprises to enhance market awareness, establish credibility, attract business partners, and help Shenzhou High Speed Railway achieve its strategic goal of building an intelligent operation and maintenance system for rail transit.

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