A company focused on the field of rail transit vehicle electronic information systems

The Huagao team

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At Huagao, you are not just working, but together with all Huagao people define the future of Huagao.


The annual meeting

The annual meeting is the most important event for Huagao people. At the annual meeting, the company's top management communicates the company's strategy.


Research and development team

Every discussion, every review, every iteration, we have a few deep research, because we believe that the quality of the product is designed.


After-sales team

24 hours a day after-sales protection, whether it is windy rain or severe heat, as long as there is customer demand, Huagao after-sales team are on call.


Functional teams

Focus on customers is Huagao's management philosophy, but also our Huagao people practice the code of conduct, for employees.