A company focused on the field of rail transit vehicle electronic information systems

Huagao Work

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Work at Huagao: At Huagao, every day is the future!


Huagao was established

in 1999

After 2735 days

Hua Gao people has developed 3 new technologies, which are officially used in CRH


After 730 days

Huagao people has developed a new technology, and the PIDS system is officially used in the field of urban rail transit, allowing you to have a rich audiovisual experience on your journey


After 2555 days

Huagao people has developed two new technologies, which are officially used in "Chinese standard CRH", making your journey safer at a high speed of 350 kilometers.


After 415 days

Huagao people developed 2 new technologies, officially applied to the CRH - Revival, so that your journey to enjoy a smooth, no longer bumpy.