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A company focused on the field of rail transit vehicle electronic information systems

Introduction of Wagao

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Independent research and development

capabilities to provide system solutions

Waycom has full independent research and development capabilities, access to a number of invention patents, and has built an independent research and development center and specialized manufacturing base, equipped with EMC electromagnetic compatibility testand and environmental test equipment. At present, Waycom has developed a number of rail transit field system solutions, such as passenger information systems in the field of light rail subway, passenger information systems in the field of train sets, distance detection devices, shaft temperature real-time detection system, on-board stability detection system, bogie instability detection system, data recording and wireless transmission devices, etc. The products provided are designed and manufactured in accordance with Chinese railway standards and international standards.

Waycom is one of the earliest domestic enterprises to domesticize high-speed rail electrical equipment. The company successfully completed the CRH2 passenger information system and distance detection equipment of the localization task, the product in the CRH2 widely used.


Multi domain system, widely used at home

and abroad

In the field of urban rail transit, Waycom independent research and development of passenger information system has been "Beijing independent innovation products" certification, the current system program applied to Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qingdao, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities nearly 900 projects, about 5000 trains. Among them, the system integration network control system in Chengdu, Wenzhou and other cities are also widely used.
In the field of CRH,Waycom CRH products cover the six main frame of The CRRC, nearly 1600 standard trains, about 13,000 vehicles, install and use China's high-tech system products and equipment components nearly 100,000, including on behalf of China's highest level of technology, "Revival" Chinese standard CRH.

In the field of exports, Waycom development of railway passenger trains, train broadcast communications and video entertainment system exported to Iran, Angola, Namibia, Ghana and other overseas customers of passenger trains, while the city rail project passenger information system also serves the Malaysian airport line.

Improve industry services to provide

"worry-free" technical support

Waycom has many years of rail transportation industry service experience, perfect after-sales service network, service team distributed in 44 cities across the country, resident after-sales service 76, to provide users with 7 x 24 hours of rapid response, after-sales service and technical support.

More than 20 years of industry experience and technical accumulation, professional research and development team, perfect quality management system, so that Waycom in the design and development, manufacturing, after-sales service and other aspects are in the industry leader. Waycom adhere to the "independent innovation" and "science and technology service users" business philosophy, and close cooperation and common development from all walks of life, forming a strong partnership for the construction and development of rail transit to contribute.