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We need you who are full of curiosity, good at thinking, and pursuing innovation to join us

2023-06-26 14:30

planning engineer



No limit

Undergraduate course



Job Description

Fresh students

Job responsibilities:

1. Establish and optimize a plan system based on the company's development strategic planning and business objectives, improve the management mechanism for plan formulation, issuance, and coordination, and ensure the effective implementation of the plan system;

2. Develop a reasonable master plan based on delivery plans, orders, and forecasts, and monitor the achievement of the plan to ensure compliance with customer delivery requirements.

3. Participate in the analysis of production plan execution, order delivery, and material plan execution, and coordinate with relevant departments to timely and properly resolve abnormal order delivery, production, and material abnormalities to ensure that customer delivery requirements are met.

Basic requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above in Enterprise Management, Business Administration, Information Management or related fields;

2. Possess good communication, coordination, and organizational skills.