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We need you who are full of curiosity, good at thinking, and pursuing innovation to join us

2023-06-26 14:26

Product Manager

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3-5 years

Undergraduate course



Job Description

Job Description:

1. Responsible for system level requirement analysis, overall design, and system electrical schematic drawing;

2. Responsible for writing system electrical and mechanical interface documents;

3. Develop internal communication protocols and external interface protocols for the system;

4. Responsible for designing and planning product core components and modules, as well as corresponding control programs;

5. Responsible for the development of some products, including related circuit design, internal communication protocols, corresponding low-level software development, board debugging, and product debugging in the system;

6. Responsible for writing and developing system supply lists, user manuals, maintenance manuals, and other documents required by users;

7. Responsible for prototype system debugging and organizing identification;

8. Participate in the on-site debugging work of the first train according to the project situation.

Job requirements:

1. Majors in Communication, Electronic Information, Automation, Computer Science, and related fields, with a bachelor's degree or above in compulsory education, and a master's degree is preferred;

2. At least 5 years of experience in electronic product research and development or project management, with experience in product design in the rail transit industry preferred;

3. Familiar with analog and digital circuits, with various electronic circuit design foundations (UART, RS232-C, RS485, I2C, SPI, etc.), and able to use at least one circuit design EDA software (Altium Designer, Cadence, etc.);

4. Understand the circuit design and debugging of microcontrollers, DSP, etc;

5. Understand the electronic product development process and specifications, and understand the embedded system development process and specifications;

6. Having certain mechanical structure design ability and process design ability;

7. Ability to read English technical materials.

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