A company focused on the field of rail transit vehicle electronic information systems

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We need you who are full of curiosity, good at thinking, and pursuing innovation to join us

2023-06-26 14:25

embedded software engineer

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1-3 years




Job Description

Job Description:

1. Complete software design, development, and debugging based on the Cortex-M4 platform;

2. Complete software design, development, and debugging based on the Cortex-A9 platform;

3. Complete software development that includes sensor data collection, computation, transmission, and other services.

Job requirements:

1. Master's degree or above, with unlimited work experience;

2. Experience in developing ARM platform software such as Cortex-M4 and Cortex-A9

3. Experience in developing serial communication, Ethernet communication, and multithreaded programming

4. Experience in software development under Linux and MQX operating systems

5. Experience in MVB, CAN, and TRDP debugging is preferred

6. Experience in temperature acquisition and acceleration acquisition is preferred

7. Priority given to algorithms such as FFT, wavelet analysis, envelope analysis, etc

8. Experience in audio and digital audio is preferred

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