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Waycom is a leading system solution provider in the field of rail transit technology

Waycom developed different solutions, can be widely used in urban rail transit, CRH and ordinary passenger trains and other rail transit

vehicles to meet the changing and growing needs of users

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Wagco Technology

Founded in 1999, it is a supplier of system solutions focused on the field of rail transit vehicle electronic information systems, for the development and manufacture of rail transit products, and the implementation of projects. The company has Beijing high-tech enterprises, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises and other qualifications, and through the international railway industry standard IRIS system certification and China Railway Inspection and Certification Center CRCC system product certification.

1999 Year

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Waycom Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Address: 6 / F, gate e, building 201, yard a 10, Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010-57623050
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eijing DingKe Information Co., Ltd.



Address: 6th Floor, Gate E, Building 201, Yard 10, Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010-80474280
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Beijing HCZS technology Co.,Ltd.

(Production base)


Address: 4th Floor, No.8 Building, No.30 Yuhua Road, Airport Economic Core Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing

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